Helping you
Understand Your Genetic Code

23Strands is unlocking the power of your DNA. From a simple blood sample, we provide insight into current and future best suited medication and disease risk based on your DNA. Saving you time and money to focus on living a healthier life

The 23Strands Difference

How we are different to other providers

The Whole Human Genome
Current popular genetic testing is based on a small subset of the genome. We believe the complexity of human health requires the highest quality, whole genome to be sequenced.
Health Provider First
We exist as a service to help providers deliver the most genome informed clinical benefit to their patients.
Concierge Health Pathway
Our team and technology takes you on a long term health pathway with real impact
Highest Quality Data Insights
We provide a no compromise approach to comprehensive health insights based on real clinical data - turning genomic data into actionable health outcomes.
Medical Record Integration
By delivering automated integration with your practice management and electronic health record systems we take the headaches out of clinical data sharing.


Experience the new patient journey

Know Your Risk
By knowing your genetic risk, you can better understand how your lifestyle can prevent the onset of chronic disease, before it happens
Understand Your Disease
Be empowered with a better understanding of your condition, and your symptoms
Find The Right Treatment
Everyone is different, and a 23Strands' genomic test can inform the treatment pathways and medications that will work best for you

Our Team

Mark Grosser

CEO, Co-founder

Mr Grosser has over 25 years’ experience in the health technology industry working across Engineering, Management and R&D at firms such as Cochlear, Micromedical and the Henry Schein group.

Dr. Hua Lin

Chief Data Officer

Dr Lin has been a leader in data science and has been applying these skills to real-world healthcare delivery. She was previously the head of data insights at MedicalDirector, Australia’s leading General Practice EMR software.

Prof. Deon Venter

Chief Medical Advisor

Prof Venter pioneered the use of many leading-edge genomic technologies in diagnostics. He has participated in the creation of a number of global healthcare technology companies and is widely published in the genomic literature.

Mark Walsh

CFO & Secretary

Leads a team of Accountants and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Public Accountants.He has a Master of Law degree with 30+ years of financial management experience.

Steven Tipper

Chief Strategy Officer

Steven has over 35 years of health experience, with 15 years consulting in health business management and translation of Research into commercial delivery.

Prof. Steven Boyages


Steven is a recognised leader in health innovation and education. He was previously the Medical Director for eHealth NSW.

Kelly Pham

Business Development

With a career dedicated to health, Kelly has spent the last 15 years supporting and growing businesses through Sales and Marketing.

Omer Ingber


Omer brings 20 years’ experience across technology leadership, project management, customer success, operations and senior management.