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Haemochromatosis Awareness Week

23Strands News
23Strands News June 05, 2023

23Strands merges AI with whole genomic sequencing to create personalized treatments for genetic diseases, including haemochromatosis. They conduct thorough gene expression analyses, pinpointing potential targets for precision drug therapy and assessing chemotherapy responses. Their primary goal is addressing genetic diseases through personalized medicine.


23Strands is combining advances in artificial intelligence (AI) with whole genomic sequencing to develop suitable treatments and alleviate the suffering of health complications relating to genetic disorders, such as haemochromatosis. Individuals suffering from haemochromatosis absorb an excessive amount of iron from their diet, leading to organ damage and premature death. 23Strands can also conduct extensive gene expression analysis, which reveals possible targets for precision drug therapy and evaluates the effectiveness of responses to chemotherapy drugs. 23Strands’ goal of addressing genetic diseases is central to its focus on personalised medicine.